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causing Zambia to renounce the monetary privileges once enjoyed as a member state. Bank of, zambia issued the first Zambian currency, the, zambian pound, in 1964. These two were struck until 1983, with production of the 5 and 10 ngwee ceasing in 1987 and that of the 20 ngwee in 1988. All banknotes are having the same height of 70 mm, yet the 2 Kwacha, and 5 Kwacha banknotes are 170 mm wide, whilst the rest of the banknotes are 145 mm wide. A red-violet on multicolour underprint design was chosen for the new bill note. The Vice Chairperson is elected by the Board from among the members of the Board. Another two farmers plowing the same field with four oxen. Watermark: President Kenneth Kaunda Ten Kwacha P Obverse: Blue on multicolor underprint. Directors of the Board are appointed for a period of three years and are eligible to be reappointed for another three years. The, kwacha iSO 4217 code: ZMW) is the currency of, zambia. The period of circulation for this coin was brief as inflation rates skyrocketed.

Watermark: President Kenneth Kaunda Twenty Kwacha P-22A N/A N/A Obverse: Purple, and red on multicolor underprint. Reverse: Portraits of the presidents of Zambia since work from home data loading jobs no fees independence in 1964 and until 2014, clockwise from top: Kenneth Kaunda, Levy Mwanawasa, Michael Sata, Rupiah Banda, and Frederick Chiluba. Reverse: Southern lechwe in the Kafue Flats. After 1989, all the reverses featured the Chainbreaker statue. Kuwani, the second, third, and forth governors of the Bank of Zambia, respectively, except for the 50 ngwee bills that never existed with Dr Zulu's signature, as well as the 1 kwacha bills that never showed Mr Kuwani's signature. 13 Obverse The obverse of the new currency features four common features, found on the obverse of all the six banknotes, and a single unique feature for each one of them. 14 Reverse The reverse features the Freedom Statue in Lusaka, the issuing authority of legal tenders in Zambia, Bank of Zambia, in the middle at the top, the face value of the banknote in words in the lower left corner, and in numerals in the. 8 The recommendations were assented to the parliament on November 3, 2012. Commemorative Text: THE birth OF THE second republic 13th december 1972 Watermark: President Kenneth Kaunda One Kwacha P-16s 1973 tdlr Obverse: Red-orange, and brown on multicolor underprint. Contents, etymology edit, the name 'Kwacha' derives from the.

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