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by touch in the menus and playback, but Im just happy theres now an easier way to move the. For slow motion capability, set shutter to 1/60. Sony RX100 VI design and controls. You can adjust the aperture, shutter, ISO, exposure compensation and even the AF mode while filming. One second of action using H speed Above: full images, below 100 crops Above: full images, below 100 crops Above: full images, below 100 crops Above: full images, below 100 crops Above: full images, below 100 crops Across a selection of bursts I found the. Announced in June 2018 it comes 21 months after its predecessor, and like that model packs a larger than average 1in sensor and high-end features into a relatively pocketable body. In short, the RX100 V has an incredible amount of technology stuffed into an easily pocketable package - but despite major increases in performance, we find that some of its more peripheral qualities could still use some attention. Center subject, let AF achieve sharp focus Press Left Button on Control Ring to switch to MF Pan/tilt camera until you achieve desired exposure (compensating for backlit subjects, etc) Press Right Button on Control Ring to engage AEL If your subject moves or the lighting.

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The slower aperture at 24mm and loss of the ND filter make the RX100 VI less desirable for vlogging than its predecessor. For example, like earlier Sony cameras, the RX100 Vs picture effects are greyed-out if youre shooting RAW or rawjpeg, which is daft as itd be nice to only have the effect applied to a jpeg and keep a RAW as backup. Ive been shooting with a final production RX100 VI over an extended period of two months, first in new York, then back at home in Brighton before then taking it on a five week road-trip across Europe. Ive illustrated its coverage below where its clear how it can be used for capturing big views one moment, before concentrating on distant details the next. Proceed with current browser for now. This can be useful if you desire slower speeds than the cameras suggesting (perhaps to deliberately blur motion or because youre very steady or if you desire faster ones to freeze action. Heres how a bunch of them look given the same real-life subject; note theres still no way to apply a miniature effect on movies which is odd since most other cameras allow it and Sony is rarely caught out by such things. Above: Sonys RX100 VI looks almost identical to its predecessor and at 102x58x42.8mm measures the same from the front but is only.8mm thicker to accommodate the longer zoom. Ill start with transferring images from the RX100 VI to a smartphone and for my tests I used my Samsung Galaxy S7, onto which Id previously installed Sonys free PlayMemories app.

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