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phone. Pay for goods and services.1 million ATMs and.5 million merchants around the world, subject to restrictions, use at ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Use in shops epos is free. Its easy to check todays Post Office exchange rate for travel money with our free currency converter. You could call us to explain any reason why you might need it paid to another account and we can advise how we can help. Raphael Sons plc, pursuant to license by MasterCard International Inc. The issuer will waive such fee if there is no remaining balance following the debit of any monthly inactivity fee (or if the balance is less than the fee). For larger amounts of currency, ID will be automatically requested via the website as well as questions and further documents to prove where the money has come from. There is nothing on the package to suggest what is inside and needs to be signed for at the other end.

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Sending money to an overseas account (e.g. Yes, the card can be used on purchases made online or over the phone where ever MasterCard is accepted. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for answers to the most common questions we're asked about the buy-back process. There is also another.50 fee every year if the card is used in a point of sale transaction. You'll need euros if you are visiting any of these coutnries: Northern Europe: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. What is the maximum amount that can be loaded? We recommend double checking any currency that you have had lying around for a while before sending them. .

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