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exactly to that level. Using Volume Indicators People often say that the main drawback with breakout trading in Forex markets is that there are no reliable real-time volume indicators. The eurgbp daily chart below is a great example of how we can use a price action signal to help confirm a breakout. Of course, there are also those who trade the lower time frames and therefore arent looking for the larger opportunity. This may cause some breakout traders to enter prematurely. If you have been a reader of this site for more than a day or two, you have undoubtedly seen me write, wait for a retest in the commentary. Retest, start thinking of retests as a markets way of resetting itself. . What may not be so apparent is the importance of waiting for a retest. Notice how eurgbp formed a bearish pin bar several days after breaking wedge support.

As it becomes second nature you will begin to find that you are less anxious about what the market might do and more focused on what the market is doing. They also occur across different time frames. Please try again later. Either way, both scenarios create swing highs and lows. What is confirming price action, you ask?

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Yet those who remained patient and waited for confirming price action would have ended up with a 4R trade if using a 50 entry. With this strategy, you build up the position as you gain more confidence in the reliability of the breakout. When trading most major currency pairs, the kinds of liquidity gaps which you see with equities for example, just dont happen. This feature is not available right now. This price action formation is what is known as a Breakout. What exactly does it represent and why is it so important? It is always good practice to check key support and resistance levels by looking at the chart in several time frames. These traders believe that the most likely course is that the price remains within the established range. Due to this, the Bollinger bandwidth is an important technical input to this strategy especially when automated.