norwegian forest cat black and white for sale

loading. 24 As they are heavy-boned and tall, they require more food than most other domestic breeds. An Identification Guide to Cat Breeds. 4 There are DNA tests available for GSD IV, and it is highly recommended (some cat associations obligate their Norwegian Forest cat breeder members) to carry out the DNA test before using such animals for breeding. Breeders are often asked if these cats need to be outside.

Norwegian Forest cats could be related to black - and-white short-haired cats from Great Britain, which the Vikings used as mousers on their ships. But they might also be descendants of long-haired. Norwegian Forest Cat breed numbers start with 67 with the addition of colours below - for example.

10 Furry Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats Mental Floss

norwegian forest cat black and white for sale

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A b "Breed Profile: The Norwegian Forest Cat ". As you discuss the price of a kitten, consider that the breeder often makes one or more trips to Europe to research and obtain cats for their breeding program. A b "Lost Woods Norwegian Forest Cats". 13 The breed was registered in Europe by the 1970s, and in the American Cat Fanciers Association in 1994. "Pour l'Angleterre" (in French).