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little worried, because he was past taking notice. British Dictionary definitions for taking taking adjective charming, fascinating, or intriguing informal infectious; catching noun something taken (plural) receipts; earnings Derived Formstakingly, adverbtakingness, noun take 1 verb takes, taking, took or taken (mainly tr) (also intr) to gain possession of (something) by force or effort. These stairs will take you up to the attic. To have recourse to; resort to: She took to getting up at five to go jogging before work. To regard or consider: They were taken to be wealthy. To accept and act upon or comply with: to take advice; to take a dare.

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Point or direct at a goal article noun. The mayor took office last month. Money taken in, especially profits. Don't Let These Commonly Confused Words Mess You. To employ for some specified or implied purpose: curs amd forex ploiesti to take measures to curb drugs.

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