fx 8350 pros and cons

priced, appreciable performance improvements with multicore-optimized software. Perhaps a bit late to the market. Same maximum TDP as previous products. Single core performance still lags far behind Intel. Uses much more power than comparable Intel chips, which also have on-chip graphics. Still lags Intel in important areas like gaming.

Rows with different specifications or features are highlighted.
For detailed specifications of "AMD PRO A4-8350 B" or "AMD FX -8350" parts please click on the links in the table.
AMD FX PRO -8800B AMD FX -7500 AMD FX -7600P AMD FX -9800P AMD FX-9830P.
The graphs below show the difference between AMD FX -8800P and AMD FX -8350 most important characteristics.
These features, along with an IPC (instructions per cycle) number, determine how well.

Fx 8350 pros and cons
fx 8350 pros and cons

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Direct Competitors and Related Products, expert reviews and ratings, load More Reviews. Piledriver CPU core design, improved "Per Clock" performance, compatible with existing AM3 products. Officially supports DDR31866 memory, better performance than Intel on multithreaded tasks. Compatible with older AMD socket and motherboards. Eight cores and 5GHz on your desktop computer. It still uses 32nm while Intel is on 22nm. Few programs use new FX instructions like fused multiply add. Higher power consumption than Intel products "Low" but adequate single threaded performance will not appeal to some. So I was looking to upgrade my CPU soon, as the one I have currently (FX -4300 @ 4Ghz) is kinda holding me back. Im an AMD guy so Ive been looking at The FX -8350 and Ryzen. Here are the pros and cons for both: FX -8350 Pros: Wont need new mobo Wont need new RAM Familiar with current. AMD FX -8350 and FX -6300 Piledriver Review: The bottom line is that the Piledriver FX series provides a quick, affordable upgrade for folks still using lower-end K10 hardware, but there isn't a lot to see for those running high-end Phenom II X4 and.

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