forex machine learning data quality assess

and the arithmetic mean works fine. Cons: Can be harder to calculate: you need to sort the list first. Share on Facebook, share on Google.

Prepping:.14 /.29 hours Finishing:.14 /.71 hours And yes,.29.71 1, so the numbers work out: it does take 1 hour to make.14 widgets. Average rate total output/total input If we put both X and Y on a project, each doing the same amount of work, what is the average rate? The average of 100, 200 and -300 is 0, which is misleading. Customer Review, amazon Global Store (What's this?). Volume : Youve got a shipping box inches. Book Series, collins Business Essentials, little Books. Henceforth I would talk in terms of Rupees (INR). Key idea: The harmonic mean is used when two rates contribute to the same workload. Some months use more dollars to buy a share than others, and in this case a high rate is bad. Hint: Its not 45 mph, and it doesnt matter how far your commute.

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