forex factory calendar csv

current interest rates of the worlds central banks on the calendar. Note : These Eight items include: fruit, vegetables, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, mortgage interest, inter-city transportation and tobacco products. It is worthy to note that Forex Factory allows week start customization you can set any weekday and save it via cookies or in forex standard deviation strategy your user profile if you are registered. Code is quite clean, but hasn't any real error management yet.

Forex Factory offers the following additional details for each event: original source, detailed explanation for traders, release schedule.
Forex Factory offers only a print-friendly view for its calendar.
DailyFX supports exporting to PDF, XLS and CSV files.
M allows export to CSV.

Further tweaking may be required but thought I'd pass mine along, -Guy Code #!/usr/bin/env python from _future_ import unicode_literals import sys # import codecs import pprint import ml import mechanize import cookielib # some utils pp ettyPrinter debug 0 # # variables # start_year 2015. You do not mind the fact that further event details are loading in a pop-up window with an ad. M shows 4 major trading sessions: London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo. 08:15 Composite PMI Nov.1.9 Medium An index level of 50 denotes no change since the previous month, while a level above 50 signals an increase or improvement, and below 50 indicates a decrease or deterioration. Only interface is translated; event titles are not. ZuluTrade can also boast an extensive list of translations, but the problem is that it is only interface that gets translated, which cannot be called a huge advantage.