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bring attention to yourself or your site, regardless of the context or how "free" the content is, you shouldn't post it here. The excerpts also show the traders often colluded to focus their moves on the daily.m. 4: Keep It Professional and Friendly! We don't care if they called you names first; report the abuse to us and we will deal with the offending party (getting into a name calling spat will likely just get all parties involved banned.) 5: Posting Trades, want to post a trade? UBS uBS London-based, hSBC hSBC ) and other financial institutions.

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Forex Chat Room for Traders to share information about. Forex, market, Market Forecasts, Broker Reviews, Live. Forex, signals, Forex, expert Advisiors etc. A list of forex forums and FX message boards including live forex chat rooms and chat groups in the Go, forex directory.

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Advertising trading contests is not allowed. News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or an accompanying question. THE wiki AND THE FAQ, euro exchange rate tesco credit card hall of Fame Threads, live Trading. Also, posting a link to an article you read is fine, but you are not allowed to post a link to an article you've written in hopes of gaming traffic or promoting your work, thus leads us to rule #2 below. Amid the investigations, banks took steps to monitor traders' use of chat rooms and bar improper behavior and disclosures during exchanges. Copy the Direct Link after uploading a photo and paste it in the email / url field. Mods reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation.