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day, a trend day, high volatility day, and etc. If you want to get a feel of what its about, have a look at his. Lien's book also offers extensive and specific information on every aspect of currency markets and foreign exchange trading. The best Forex books list:. Best Takeaway from this best book on Forex This is a compendium of useful information on long-term investment strategies for currency traders, which is considered somewhat of a grey area considering the fluid nature of currency markets. You just need to know the essential stuff that works.

Discover the best trading books of all time.
Best Forex Trading Books.
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From his early days trying to make some money in the bucket shops to subsequently earning (and losing) his fortunes on Wall Street multiple times, this timeless tale is probably the book about trading Ive most enjoyed reading. I often get asked which books I would recommend for trading. This book is entertaining to read and youll get a few laughs along the way. It describes the life of Larry Livingston, a pseudonym for. What makes this book so valuable (other than that its just an absolute joy to read) is that its full of traders wisdoms, timeless advice that every forex trader should have in its mind every time theyre trading.

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