dinapoli trading strategy

even to earn. Now we consider descending range as a chart section from Fs high to a new Fr point; there is a new upward movement and we get a new range (high is not rewritten thereupon, there is a strong decline; recently set low is rewritten again. We remove it from the chart. Imagine the chart went downwards after forming Fs2 point and made a new low which replaced the low set at Fr level. This is natural if you worked with different timeframes, youve probably noticed numerous price movements on a small timeframe, while you can hardly notice them on a higher timeframe due to their insignificance. Stop loss is set similarly to the previous example on the next Fibo level; Minesweeper B includes work on the same principle; just we enter the market not on the second correction, but on the 3rd, 4th, etc. Lets consider a couple of examples as a demonstration of interrelation between reactions and focus numbers. It is clear that both TP levels worked almost perfectly the price reached 161.8 level and finished the movement at the level of 261.8. All other cases can be ignored. Here is the essence of building the levels, according to the book: the quantity of focus numbers will always be equal to the number of ranges on the chart.

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But its worth. In this case, the extension is stretched to the latest correction to place SL on 161.8 and 261.8 level. If you decide to read the original book of DiNapoli devoted to trade through the levels, youll probably be surprised at the number of new terms. So you can enable the sound alert for certain trend lines in the settings. More conservative tactics (Minesweeper A and Minesweeper B) also suggest entry at the end of correction, but the work is conducted with certain safety measures: Minesweeper A suggest the work in 2 stages: at first we wait until to the first correction finishes (without entering. At some global fx market hours point of time, correction of the whole upward movement starts and the price rewrites the lows several reactions; in this case, these reactions and their lows can be omitted in the work.