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here at some 15 min time frame results Setting the minimum candle body size of 160, as that was the only range that came close to the profitability line on the performance graphs. I believe the swing filter has a lot of potential, but not in the context of a system packing an extremely bad baseline (unfiltered performance. The 20 EMA usually a good medium term momentum filter. Here is an example The bottom graph is my nicely color coded probabilities histogram showing us where the strong advantages are in the data (if they exist). I built a special performance comparison graph to help evaluate how effective the EMA filters are on the system. Lets dive in and do some deep, but fun analysis on the candle bodys secrets. Not only that, this is the 6 hour time frame what about the other time frames? Checkpoint One clear correlation in the data is the larger the candle body size, the higher chance we get to a trade success condition (a higher or lower close).

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If so, where is it working, and where is it not? Basically we want to check the candles high or low price to see where it fits within the surrounding candles. When the bars are above the threshold, the system as a chance to do make money the further above the line, the more likely it is to make money over the long term. Does the candle body thickness have predictive powers? Although we have high win rates, the reward output is so bad for each trade, we cant get over that profitability threshold causing stop outs in the system to be so destructive and therefore consuming all rewards more. Even though it turned a profit it was a very slow snail system. This will tell us what effect the filter had on overall performance. The min ATR was set to 115 this time, as the performance evaluation charts showed this is were the best performance started to kick. Above: In a bull run, this idea would thrive.

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