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: Provided value is applied to the position's entry price. Symbol s Chart Symbol btcusd3M, ltcusd, pinkbtc. This is helpful for debugging by outputting the live parameters. Stop Loss sl n/a Static: Random: #- - Bitfinex : Whether the order is a stop order (i.e.

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Cposition tmarket Close any open positions with market orders. Delay delay n/a 0 Delay allows for a pause (in seconds) between commands within the binary tick trade strategy same alert (e.g. Disabled ts0, enabled ts1) Bitfinex : Whether the order is a trailing stop (i.e. Quantity q 100 Static: Random: #- - The portion of your balance or position you would like to effect. Eokcoin bsell.50.25 tlimit ucurrency Open.25 BTC order, undercutting the sell book.50 Example: Top sell is 449.15, order will be placed at 449.65 eokcoin sbtcusd1w blong l10 q1 Open a long with 1 contract using 10x leverage epoloniex spinkbtc bsell. Free, exchanges 1Broker - Bitcoin, forex CFD, trading. Client: Start Bootstrap Date: April 2015 Service: Web Development. This feature is not available right now. Leverage l all 0 Leverage allows your available balance to be multiplied but increases risk. One Updates the Other Proportional ouop n/a Anything BitMEX As one order has an execution, other orders with the same linking identifier will have their order quantity reduced proportionally by the fill percentage.