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or even 30 pips. Eurusd symbol, quick installer, full compatible with any Metatrader brokers. The fact that Forex Thor runs a very tight SL also means that it can afford to take larger than norm lot sizes and still only risk a small percentage of the account. ForexThor 100 automated robot, there is no lagging, so youll never run behind the market indicators. Weve created an expert advisor that uses a mathematical model to emulate Level 2 (lets us analyze how many traders are buying/selling right now) data with incredibly high accuracy. Despite the reservations that I've attempted to explain above, I'm still going to conduct an analysis of the Forex Thor developer's own 99 Dukascopy strategy tests going back to 2007 (tick data is unavailable prior to then) for the purposes of this review, although there. So far, after around 4 months in forward test, my copy of Forex Thor has been averaging just 2 trades each week and winning over 75 of its trades. Forex EA Thor 2, forex Thor EA ( official site ) very profitable scalper EA from, alexander Collins.

Forex Thor EA (official site) very profitable scalper EA from Alexander Collins.
It runs on the.
Style of trading of Thor EA does have a drawback, however, and i recoomend use it on ECN brokers with.
Friday, June 26, 2015.

It's also worth saying that Forex Thor's trade filtering method means that it can often go a week or two without trading at all before suddenly bursting into like, and taking several trades within a few short minutes before falling back into snooze-mode for another. The initial suggestion is certainly that the tester is likely to overstate the number of trades that are seen in reality, but it's also quite possible that the EA has been able to successfully reject the worst trade entries in recent weeks and only select. This means that any user who opts to set the aggression parameter to true is likely to be flying blind.

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MetaTrader doesn't store data on a 'per-tick' basis, and this means that we have no way of knowing the correct sequence of price movements in the time between a 1-minute bar opening and the bar closing. Download, try It In Browser! Despite the obvious statistical differences, however, both equity curves do go in pretty much the same direction and the basic concept of a system which exhibits short trade durations, a low trade expectancy and a win rate of around 75 - 80 is apparent. This means that you could run two strategy tests on the same EA with the same broker using the same history data and the same price spread, and get two totally different sets of results. Again, it's quite difficult draw any firm conclusion from this.